Last Call Trivia Podcast

#5 - Would You Visit This Macabre Moscow Landmark?

February 01, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 5
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#5 - Would You Visit This Macabre Moscow Landmark?
Show Notes

Welcome back for Episode #5 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast. Of course, we kick the game off with a round of general knowledge Trivia. Then, in today's theme round, the Trivia Team puts their social studies skills to the test with a round of World Leaders Trivia.

Round One

Round One of today’s game starts off with a Movies Trivia question about an iconic movie that premiered in 1939. It certainly was a powerhouse year for the film industry, since The Wizard of Oz also debuted in 1939.

Next, we have a Restaurants Trivia question that leads our Trivia Team to debate which restaurant chain could have opened under the name of “Chicken on the Run.”

Round One concludes with a Cars Trivia question that has our Trivia Team reminiscing about the cool cars of the previous decades. Which historic car model would you love to have in your garage?

Bonus Question

In today’s Bonus Question, the Team gets the opportunity to revisit the answer to the previous Cars Trivia question. Fair warning, if you’re a car enthusiast, you may find yourself screaming some helpful insight to the Team on this one.

Round Two

Round Two of today’s show brings us a round of World Leaders Trivia questions. But don’t worry, these questions are much more in the “interesting tidbits” realm rather than AP History facts and stats.

Round Two starts with a Landmarks Trivia question that takes our Trivia Team to Tuscany. Luckily, one of the players studied abroad in Tuscany, although he admits to focusing more on the wine than the architecture. Want to take a virtual visit to another iconic structure?

Next, we move on to a Food Trivia question that sparks a discussion on which dish Winston Churchill referred to by a charming nickname. Did you know the cat in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary was named Church, short for Winston Churchill? Check out more horror movie Trivia here!

Round Two wraps up with a People Trivia question that paints a vivid picture of a macabre Moscow landmark. Spoiler alert: as promised in the episode, here’s a short video showing what visitors can expect.

Final Question

As usual, the game concludes with a multi-part Final Question, and the category for today’s Final is Beer. Grab a cold one and let’s get started.

In today’s Final Question, the Trivia Team is asked to put several states in order by the number of breweries per capita in 2020 from most to least. Unfortunately, the team gets so wrapped up in their methodology that they gloss over the pivotal “per capita” portion of the question. Which serves as a reminder that listening to every part of the question is key, fellow Trivia enthusiasts!