Last Call Trivia Podcast

#58 - Have You Ever Been to “Discount City”?

January 16, 2023 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 58
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#58 - Have You Ever Been to “Discount City”?
Show Notes

Welcome to episode #58 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! First, we warm up with a round of general knowledge questions. Then, it’s time to go on a factoid shopping spree with a round of Retail Trivia.

Round One

Our game begins with a People Trivia question about a deceased comedian who is referred to by many as the “Dean of Counterculture Comedians.” 

Next, a Words question challenges the Team to name the two words that Merriam-Webster named as Word of the Year for 2020 and 2021.

The first round wraps up with a Places Trivia question about the name of Alaska’s highest mountain, which was officially changed by U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in 2015.

Bonus Question

Today’s Bonus Question is a follow-up to the Places question from the first round. The Team is asked to guess in which year Hudson Stuck, Walter Harper, Harry Karstens, and Robert Tatum became the first to reach the south summit of the mountain in question.

Round Two

Who’s ready for a shopping spree? In today’s theme round, we’re in the market for Retail Trivia!

The second round begins with a Companies Trivia question about the retail company that first opened in 1962 and originally had the term “Discount City” attached to its name.

Next, a Holidays question asks the Team to name the shopping holiday that was created in 2010 by a partnership that included the Mayor of Boston, American Express, and several historical preservation groups. 

Round Two concludes with a States Trivia question about the location of the country’s oldest climate-controlled shopping mall.

Final Question

We’ve reached the Final Question of the game, and today’s category of choice is Geography. It’s time to put your knowledge of US States to the test!

The Trivia Team is given several groupings of three US states and asked to determine which is the largest by land area in each group of three.

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