Last Call Trivia Podcast

#55 - Have You Visited This 18th-Century German Landmark?

December 27, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 55
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#55 - Have You Visited This 18th-Century German Landmark?
Show Notes

Welcome to episode #55 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! Our game begins with a round of general knowledge questions. Then, we say “hallo” to a round of Germany Trivia!

Round One

Our game begins with an Internet Trivia question about a common abbreviation from the world of internet advertising.

Next up, we have a Cartoons Trivia question about a character that was voiced by late actor John Ritter in the early 2000s.

The first round wraps up with a Places Trivia question about an amusement park that features the world’s first and only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

Bonus Question

Today’s Bonus Question is a follow-up to the Places question from the first round.

Round Two

Guten tag and Willkommen to round two. We’re collecting yet another stamp on our Trivia passports with a theme round all about Germany Trivia! Or, should we say, “Deutschland Kleinigkeiten.”

The second round begins with a Landmarks Trivia question about an 18th-century Berlin landmark.

Next, we have a Money question about the brothers who appeared on Germany’s 1000 Deutsche Mark before the adoption of the Euro.

Round Two ends with an Animals Trivia question about the dog breed that was first bred in Germany from an Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser. 

Final Question

We’ve reached the Final Question of the game, and today’s category of choice is Television. Live from your living room, it’s Saturday Night!

The Trivia Team is given a list of four Saturday Night Live cast members and asked to place them in order by the number of seasons they were on the show.

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