Last Call Trivia Podcast

#31 - Which Fashion Trend Should Make a Comeback?

July 12, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 31
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#31 - Which Fashion Trend Should Make a Comeback?
Show Notes

It’s time for Episode #31 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! We start off with a round of general knowledge questions, followed by a themed round of Fashion Trivia.

Round One

Today’s game kicks off with a Characters Trivia question that challenges the Team to name one of the main characters from a popular Pixar film.

Next, our Team tries their hand at a Government Trivia question that references a quote that’s etched in the lobby of a certain agency’s headquarters.

The first round wraps up with a Cities Trivia question about an Italian city that takes its name from a Greek phrase.

Bonus Question

Today’s Bonus Question takes a closer look at the location named in the Cities question from the first round.

Round Two

Get ready to dress to the nines and hit the catwalk because the hottest trend for today’s theme round is Fashion Trivia!

Round Two begins with a Brands Trivia question about a specific fashion brand that reached its peak of popularity in the early 2000s.

Next, a Materials Trivia question asks the team to identify a decorative material that was banned worldwide in 1973.

Round Two concludes with an Advertising Trivia question about an American brand that model Kate Moss became the face of early in her career.

Final Question

It’s time for us to take it home with the Final Question, and today’s category of choice is Movies. Get your censors ready for this one, movie buffs!

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