Last Call Trivia Podcast

#19 - Have You Noticed These Alcohol Branding Details?

April 19, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 19
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#19 - Have You Noticed These Alcohol Branding Details?
Show Notes

It’s time for Episode #19 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! The game starts off with a round of general knowledge questions to get warmed up. Then it’s time to raise a glass for a theme round of Alcohol Trivia!

Round One

We kick things off with a People Trivia question about a physician-turned-entrepreneur who started a major company.

Next, a Language Trivia question challenges the Trivia Team to identify which symbol was added to Morse code in 2004.

The round concludes with a Cities Trivia question about a common bond between the nicknames of three major cities around the world.

Bonus Question

Today’s Bonus Question is a follow-up to the answer to the Cities question from the first round.

Round Two

Raise a glass of your favorite beer, wine, or cocktail, because today’s Theme Round is all about Alcohol Trivia.

Round Two starts with a Beer Trivia question about an interesting detail on the logo of a popular European beer brand.

Speaking of brands, up next we have a Brands Trivia question that involves a relatively new whiskey brand with a famous spokesperson.

Round Two concludes with – surprise – an Alcohol Trivia question about a common term used when discussing the distilling process.

Final Question

It’s time to wrap up the game with a multi-part Final Question, and today’s Fitness Fads question is a look back at some previously popular workout trends.