Last Call Trivia Podcast

#17 - What's the Breakfast of Trivia Champions?

April 05, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 17
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#17 - What's the Breakfast of Trivia Champions?
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #17 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! As usual, we start out today’s game with a round of general knowledge questions to get warmed up. Then we have a delicious theme round of Breakfast Trivia. Who’s hungry for some Trivia??

Round One

We kick things off with a Logos Trivia question about an iconic green and yellow logo from a company that’s been around since 1837.

Next up, we have a Book Link Trivia question that asks our players to name the author who wrote three specific short stories.

A Television Trivia question caps off the first round of the game.

Bonus Question

Today’s Bonus Question requires a combination of Trivia and math. We ask the players to guess the product of the number of Will & Grace episodes the actor named in the Television question appeared in and the number of Grammy Awards he won.

Round Two

In today’s Theme Round, we’re digging into some Breakfast Trivia!

Round Two starts with a Products Trivia question about a lawsuit filed against Kellogg’s in 2021.

Next, we’re taking things overseas with an International Foods Trivia question.

Round Two concludes with a Phrases Trivia question about a betting phrase inspired by a popular breakfast treat.

Final Question

It’s time to wrap up the game with a multi-part Final Question, and it’s a super fun one today. In this Band or Name Final, the Team is given five names and asked to determine whether each of them is a band name or a celebrity baby name.