Last Call Trivia Podcast

#9 - What's In A (Nick)Name?

February 08, 2022 Last Call Trivia Season 1 Episode 9
Last Call Trivia Podcast
#9 - What's In A (Nick)Name?
Show Notes

Welcome back for Episode #9 of the Last Call Trivia Podcast! We start things off with a round of general knowledge Trivia to get the wheels turning. Then we keep things casual with a themed round of Nicknames Trivia.

Round One

Round One of today’s game kicks off with an Animals Trivia question about the beloved aquatic, oviparous reptiles -- turtles! Hey turtle lovers, did you know that the Disney Conservation Team “employs” a pocket beagle named Captain Ron who helps protect sea turtles? 

Next up, a Literature Trivia question proves to be an easy feat for our Trivia Team to conquer as they breeze through with their knowledge of Don Quixote

Round One wraps up with a Technology Trivia question that covers the origins of a product that many people now consider to be an essential part of everyday life. Spoiler alert: just look at how far we’ve come since the GS88 “Penelope”!

Bonus Question

Who’s ready for a curveball? Today’s Bonus Question doesn’t refer back to a question from Round One, so consider this a chance to start fresh if you struggled with any of the answers so far. It’s all about physical feats here, namely the record for the most pull-ups completed in a 24-hour period. This is a particularly impressive title to hold because as the Trivia Team points out, a pull-up is a difficult exercise that engages a ton of muscle groups.

Round Two

Round Two of today’s show is all about Nicknames Trivia. So settle in and get comfortable, because we’ll be on a nickname basis soon!

Round Two starts with a History Trivia question about an American WWII general who not only had a nickname of his own, but also had a mother nicknamed “Pinky.” That’s two nicknames for the price of one, folks!

Next, in another twofer, a Common Bonds Trivia question asks our Trivia Team to identify the nickname shared by Lou Gehrig and a form of transportation in early Victorian culture. While Lou Gehrig is so widely known that many people are even familiar with his nickname, current baseball stars don’t get nearly the same name recognition as leading players from other sports. A recent survey found that while 91% of Americans had heard of LeBron James and 88% had heard of Tom Brady, just 43% had heard of Mike Trout.

Round Two wraps up with a Flags Trivia question. Do you know which U.S. state flag features a silver star in reference to the state’s nickname, along with the motto “Battle Born”? If so, the Trivia Team could definitely use your help with this one!

Final Question

Now it’s time for the multi-part Final Question to close out the game. The category for today’s Final is Countries. We do love ourselves a little Trivia world tour!

In today’s Final Question, the Trivia Team is given four different countries and asked to name their capital cities, each of which starts with the letter “C.” As you’re stewing over your knowledge of world capitals, have you ever wondered how countries actually choose their capital cities? It turns out, there are several important factors that can help identify a city as a solid candidate for the capital.